A Ruffled Mind Makes a Restless Pillow

Alright let’s get real for a second. Why do some doors have the bar that would usually signify that they’re a push kind of door when they’re really a pull kind of door? Who thought that was a good idea? Oh, throw a bar on that side Jim and a handle on the other, that’ll really throw off literally everyone that knows how to work a door. Real talk.

Now let’s get deep. Do you realize how absolutely massive our oceans are? We spend an absurd amount of money exploring space. Now don’t get me wrong, I freaking love space as much as the next gal, but we have our own final frontier right here on Earth we might want to look into. It’s called the ocean. There is so much of it and we’ve explored approxiamtely a little bit of it. Read a book.

That got pretty wild so I’m going to reign it in a little bit for both of our sakes. I can get a little existential when I think about the mysteries of the ocean or the vastness of the universe for too long. Sue me. So lighter real talk: dogs are a literal gift to mankind. When I had the stomach flu and was stuck in the bathroom all day, you know who was there? My dog. That little stinker sat at the end of the hallway with the most concerned look on her doggo face. I’ve been getting allergy shots for the past two years just so I can enjoy dogs to my full potential. Well, and also so I can stop being allergic to all of nature and creation, but mostly the dog thing.

Now to get even more real, I’ve got to admit that I’m writing this at two in the morning. I can’t sleep, my brain’s doing that thing where it wants to stay up and think about my troubles while my eyes are ready to peace out for the night. Throw in a developing cough and not quite being able to find a comfortable position in bed and you get my current situation. 0/10, I would not recommend. I could really use that Spongebob brain dump scene up in here. I would be cool with only knowing fine dining and breathing right about now, but I digress.

It may seem like I’m posting fairly regularly for a gal that’s been advertising herself as unable to keep to a posting schedule, but I have a secret. I’ve everything I’ve posted so far has been written in twelve hours. Scheduling posts is a wonderful thing, folks. I need to stop typing now, this has gone on long enough already. Thank you for reading my late night thoughts and I’ll see you when I see you! Have a good one on the house.





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