Save Ferris (I mean Nicole)

I need to look like I’m busy on my computer for my friend’s photo project right now, so this post is happening. I thought that my allergies were starting to hit, but I’m starting to think now that I may be down with the sickness. Does anyone else get butterflies in their stomach when they get sick? I don’t know man, it just feels like a mini rollercoaster ride each time to I go to sit on the couch and not in a good way. That’s usually my go to sign of illness, so we’ll see if this harbinger is the real deal.

Sickness just becomes more and more inconvenient the older you get. Like back in elementary school, I got sick a lot and it was no big deal. I would be upset because I was a nerdy nerd that didn’t want to miss out, but what was I missing out on? Coloring in the worksheet about the letter E? Tragic.

Now I still get sick a lot, I’m a sickly one for sure, but I just can’t afford to miss out. The powers on high smiled down on me and took away the deadline I was supposed to have tomorrow, but otherwise I was about to be going to a bakery to film for my project come hell or high water.

It’s also so hard to stay motivated when you’re ill and still have responsibilities. Oh, I have an exam tomorrow? But I also feel like crap which should excuse me from having to study. I have issues staying motivated at the best of times, let alone when my stomach feels questionable and I just want to sleep through the rest of this week.

This turned into more of a rant about sickness than I thought it would. Thanks for reading, I hope you stay well. Take your vitamins, kids. Stay hydrated and get as much sleep as you can. I’ll see you when I see you! Have a good one.



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