The Pictures Are There, and You Just Take Them

Howdy! I really wish that I was a better photographer than I actually am. I’m kinda familiar with a DSLR now after a year of required photography in my yearbook class senior year (where I produced mostly crap) and a photo unit in a class this year (also mostly crap.) But like any white girl worth her salt, I do like to break out my trusty iPhone and try to get a little artsy every now and again when I’m out and about.

Today I thought I’d just share a few of my favorites from this past year as we’re approaching the end of 2016. I can’t say they’re any good, but who cares. I like them and you’re free to look away any time you want!


My mom and I were on a walk down the Katy Trail (look it up, it’s historic and stuff) and we found this tunnel going through a big hill. It was real impressive.


This one just makes me happy. Instead of studying for an exam last semester, I instead asked everyone on my floor in the dorm to contribute books to this long textbook chain. It started in my room and went a good ways down the hall. We had a crowd for the knock down, it was magnificent. I didn’t do well on the exam.


One of my classes met in a greenhouse on campus last year. This is the greenhouse. I was allergic to probably half the plants in there.


This right here is our outdoor cat Tinkerbell. She’s very photogenic but also very feisty. My other cat Aly is exclusively indoors because she’s fat and doesn’t play well with others like Tink. She’s an asshole but I love her.


This beaut is Jesse Hall. One of the seven things you’re supposed to do before you leave Mizzou is climb to the top of Jesse up by that spiraly thing. They’ve installed motion sensors up there now so people don’t try that so much anymore, but that’d be quite the view. Also the building isn’t tipped, I’m just bad at take a straight photo and am too lazy to fix it. Whoops.

There were more I wanted to share, but I’ll stop there. I’m at my grandparents’ house now working off a hotspot on my phone, so I probably shouldn’t waste as much time on here as I usually do. No scrolling through memes on Tumblr for me. At least, not for long. I hope you liked at least something you saw and I’ll see you when I see you! Have a nice day! Oh and enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow if you’re in the US!


(If you haven’t noticed yet, all my blog titles are quotes from movies, people, whatever I find and I like. I figure I should attribute to make that a little more clear! This one comes from photojournalist Robert Capa)



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