The Difficulty Lies Not So Much In Developing New Ideas As In Escaping From Old Ones.

Howdy dudes! I don’t know how I feel about that one, I think howdy alone is fine. Anywho, I know I’ve only been doing this blog for about three weeks now, but I think it’s honestly been such a good decision. I’ve kind of been in a creative rut for a couple of years now. I started digging myself into it my senior year of high school when the pre-college stress started up and I just continued digging until I made a comfortable little hole for myself. When I got free time I would try to create something, and sometimes I would maybe crank out a video I was okay with, but generally I would give up when the ideas wouldn’t come to me.

Lately though I feel like I have more drive to actually create. I think I’ve said it on here before, but I’ve always loved to write. I was writing a lot of short stories through high school and loving it! That stopped come the pre-college freak out. I’ve had an idea for a novel knocking around in my noggin since my junior year of high school and I’ve actually gotten started on it again. My writing quality has taken a nose dive since, but that’s what first drafts are for I suppose! I’d like to try to write a short story by Christmas too, but that might be a little ambitious. We’ll see. I can set personal goals, but the problem is I don’t have any drive to attain them when I set them myself. Whoops!

I’ve also had new ideas for my YouTube channel which is exciting! I love to make videos, but my problem is always the whole video idea part. You can only do so many tags. When I was younger I would make stop motion and I was thinking about making another one of those now that I actually have more video skills. It probably won’t be elegant, but if it’s something that you like to do, who cares?

To be real, the last couple years has been wild. There’s been so much change all at once and I’ve felt kind of up and down throughout it. The hole digging and my creative output have an inverse relationship; the deeper my rut got, the more I avoided making things? No, that’s not right. I can see the graph in my head and it makes sense, I swear. You’ll have to believe me here. Just know that I’ve felt pretty down and thus stopped making stuff.

That’s deep enough for today. Ha it’s funny because I’ve been using a bad digging metaphor throughout this. Go Nicole. Anyway, this was more of a post for me than for you, but thanks for reading anyway! If I do make stuff, I’ll post it on here for you to see. I’m a good sharer. I really appreciate your time here and I’ll see you when I see you! Have a nice day today!


Today’s title was a little long, but it was necessary. It comes from economist John Maynard Keynes.



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