Life is Full of Surprises

Hello everyone! It’s finals season and I’m trying to avoid the mumps outbreak that’s happening on my campus right now, so things are pretty tense in my neighborhood. I thought I’d take a break from all the college craziness to share some news with you.

Did you know that Chris Evans was a Mystery Date model?

Yes, Mr. Captain America fancy pants himself was Tyler in the 2000s remake of the classic board game Mystery Date. You get to call him on your very own, very believable plastic phone and try to get him to make an appearance at your party. Sadly, he didn’t want to come to mine, but I tried my darnedest.


He was even a cutie back in the day! You had to be careful with the phone I was playing with when we discovered this fun factoid. If you had an outburst and hit the phone because Matt had too much homework and couldn’t make it to your party, it would make this horrible metal on metal sound reminiscent of a car accident. We lost some good boys to that phone.

That’s all I got for you. If you were wondering, another card from the game also features him in a surfing get up on the beach with a surf board, but I’ll leave that image up to your imagination. I’ll see you when I see you! I hope you have a great day!


Today’s quote can be found in the middle of a multitude of other quotes. I’m going to let you decide who said this one. Attribute to whomever you like.



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