I Love Crafting and Cooking, Doing All of That

Hey there everybody! After a pretty manic week, my semester is basically over (God bless.) All I have left to do is put together this short video and get the link to the website we created for one of my journalism classes to our professor. That’s the beauty of being a journalism major, everyone. Projects out the frickin wazoo but fewer final exams.

To cap off my frantic week on a high note, my friends had a Secret Santa party last night. A word to the wise: when your day starts at 6 a.m. and you’re running off of three hours of sleep, try to get a nap in somewhere if it’s going to be a late night. Trust me on this one. It was still so fun! My gifts were Shia LaBeouf themed, so you could say it was a…Shia surprise.

He is so weird but I can’t help loving him.

I ended up making a little snowman jar for the person that I had. We did a crafty Secret Santa, so all our gifts were at least partially hand made. Pinterest is your best friend here, man. I think what I ended up doing would make a good project for someone that isn’t maybe the most craft adept. You really just have to be able to paint a half circle and a rounded triangle and BOOM you got yourself a smiley snowman!


There she blows.

Make sure you use multi-surface paint or you could run into some troubles. I was home for a night because I had to take an exam at the community college I was taking college algebra through, so my mom came in clutch with all the materials I needed. She’s the real hero of this story.

Also, I used a cotton ball to get the texture on the snowman. While the paint was still drying I dabbed it until it looked festive enough for me. I’d also suggest painting the carrot in first with white then letting it dry. I went over it in white after my first couple orange coats because this snowman was going to have a pretty see through nose. Nobody wants a see through nose.

This here is the site my mom had found through Pinterest that gave me the idea. You could make your own from this inspiration, or even order from them! Whatever strikes your fancy. That’s all I’ve got today. I’ll see you when I see you and I hope you have a good one!


Today’s title comes from Tori Spelling. It’s not super meaningful, but I was trying to find quotes about crafting and that was in there with all these long winded thoughts about like the craft of acting and writing. I don’t know, it made me laugh in the context. Maybe you had to be there.


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