Nicole Does YouTube

Howdy folks! Did you know that I have a YouTube channel? Let’s be up front here, this post is going to be nothing but a shameless plug for my channel since I’m trying to actually get going with it again!

At the moment, I only have a hand full of videos published but boy, do I have plans! I know I risk sounding all kinds of cliché here, but there really is going to be more to them than meets the eye. That’s all I’ll say before I start gagging on more lame phrases to try to convince you that it’s going to be super cool.

I’d post my most recent video, but I’m a poor, lowly college student that can’t afford to pay for a WordPress plan that costs more than free. So instead I’ll link you to my channel right here and hope for the best! You can take a look at what I’ve made already and subscribe so you can see what comes next! Or not, it’s whatever. Do what feels right.

This has been a lot of text, here’s a picture of my dog for your troubles.


She’s a cutie. Well that’s all I’ve got for today! This was more of a self promotion than a real post, so I’m going with my own title rather than something profound by someone else. Sue me. I’ll see you when I see you and I hope you have a nice day today!



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