Kittens in Their Natural Habitat


Last time I was at home, my friend let me come over and play with their latest litter of kittens. Holy crap were they cute! I don’t know if you can tell, but this grey one was the only one that wasn’t totally freaked out by the sound of the shutter.

IMG_1599IMG_1603I just thought I’d share a few photos of these cuties with you. I told my friend I felt like I was a National Geographic photographer as I was laying on her driveway taking these. Only the pictures were much lower quality than National Geographic’s and I wasn’t afraid that my subjects would kill me.

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for you! I hope you have a nice day, and I’ll see you when I see you!






Ghost Stories from My House

Today the house I grew up in is officially no longer our house. I went and visited for the last time this past weekend and oh boy, it was a bit of a bummer. We moved in almost exactly 16 years ago when I was 5 years old, so I don’t remember much about living anywhere else.

We (I say we, but I really mean my parents) more or less rebuilt the whole house in the time we were there. Over the summer before fifth grade, we had to move out of the house, jack up the top of the house, and demolish the basement and foundation.┬áI ended up moving my room into the basement in sixth grade when we were all rebuilt, and that’s when weird things started up.

The first and most ridiculous story comes from not too long after I moved into my new room. It was just me and my sister that night, and I was in bed with my back to the door and the rest of my room. I’d been in bed a couple minutes when I heard a man’s voice right next to me say “Tojo.” I thought maybe my dad had come home and snuck into my room somehow so I rolled over, but there was no one there. I then heard the same voice say something like “toe” and I turned on my radio, hid beneath the covers, and furiously tried to go to sleep.

Ridiculous, right? Our house was pretty secluded in the woods, and you could barely see our neighbors, so I knew it wasn’t someone outside messing with me. I asked my mom the next morning what time they’d gotten home. It turned out the Tojo incident had happened hours before they got back. I told her what happened, but we were both kinda like eh, it was probably my┬áimagination.

Things just kept happening, though. We would hear full on conversations from other parts of the house when we were alone. I would hear a man and a woman when I was alone, Tojo and his lady friends, if you will. My sister was house sitting while we were away one time and she heard a man speak right behind her in the kitchen. No TV on, nothing.

The creepiest one for me was when my mom was sleeping on the couch one night and woke up to someone screaming “you could be dead” in her ear. I mean, it’s true, but that’s not something you want to wake up to.

There was also the time when my family was around for my sister’s wedding that we broke out the dowsing rods. If you don’t know what they are, they’re these metal rods you hold that spirits are supposed to be able to manipulate. Google it. I don’t know how much I believe in it, but this incident was weird.

My dad was messing around with them to show my aunt and uncle how they worked. He asked if the rods would point at me. One pointed at me, and the other pointed at my brother-in-law. We have very similar names, so it was like they were covering their bases. My dad got some serious goosebumps and told us to feel the air around his hands. I kid you not, there was a definite temperature change right around my dad’s hands. The air felt almost staticy. I’ve only ever felt that at the Stanley Hotel one time, and that place is what inspired Stephen King to write The Shining.

It went away after probably 30 seconds, but that was incredibly weird. We put the dowsing rods away after that.

I don’t know that I’d say my house was haunted. We would go a while without hearing from Tojo or his pals, and then something else weird would happen. I do know that after eight years of weird things happening to everyone in my family, it’s really hard to say that there isn’t something unexplainable. Nothing bad ever happened, and we’d get a little spooked every once in a while, but it didn’t bother us.

I believe in ghosts, but if you don’t, that’s totally cool. I hope you were at least entertained by my stories! If you’re interested in hearing more, I have plenty from not only my house, but a bunch of other supposedly haunted places I’ve visited with my family. Let me know what you think down in the comments, and maybe I’ll do another one of these. Also, if you have any possible explanations for what I’ve listed above, let me know! We’ve tried but failed so far.

Man, I just scrolled up, and this is a hefty post. Seriously, thanks for reading if you make it here! I hope you have a nice day, and I’ll see you when I see you!