Nicole’s my name and the internet is my game. Here are some fun facts, because who doesn’t love a good fun fact list?

  • canon_canon-eos-rebel-t6i_3336704-3383580215

    It’s me!

    I’m an ENFP

  • One of my eyes is a different color, and I was supposed to be a twin. I’m basically waiting for my life to turn into The Unborn.
  • There once was a time I got things done. That was a time before Netflix.
  • I played flute from sixth grade all the way through high school, so if you ever want to talk about band, I will nerd the crap out.
  • I was voted nicest girl on my school’s golf team two years running.
  • One of my proudest moments was in third grade when I won a dance off at my best friend’s elementary school fun night. I still have the t-shirt to prove it.

Bonus fun fact: I also make YouTube videos sometimes! Emphasis on the sometimes. If you want to see what I’ve made recently click here. Exciting, right?